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Using Base AI to extend your impact
Using Base AI to extend your impact

Current functions and limitations of Base's artificial intelligence technology

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Base AI is artificial intelligence trained to assist with a variety of tasks based on our years of industry experience and knowledge around assistance. We’re introducing it first in Analyze – where it’s been optimized to assist with your understanding of calendar data.

Use Base AI as a partner in thought to get started.

  • Summarize — Base AI can extract key points on meeting trends and frequency in a high-level summary. Handy for quickly recapping statistics on time spent!

  • Brainstorm — Base AI can generate suggested changes for time sinks or stressful periods. Use this to make your own recommendations on how to optimize time.

  • Write a rough draft — Base AI can pull calendar data in an instant to craft a jumping off point for your own writing. Edit and craft the right report summary that incorporates your own insights.

Current limitations

All AI outputs are limited and AI continues to be an area of rapid research and development. Limitations in AI as a whole can be attributed to many different causes, including but not limited to: narrow inputs, systemic biases, limited quantity of training or test data, or poor quality of training or test data.

As a consequence, Base AI:

  • may output incorrect information.

  • may output harmful content when prompted.

  • may output inaccurate or outdated results.

  • may contain bias and output biased responses.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning models can improve over time to better address specific use cases. Base AI is the same — the feature will continue to get better in the coming months. Plus, you can always use the 👍 👎 buttons in the Analyze insights widget anytime you use Base AI, to flag any inappropriate responses to our engineers.

What about privacy? Your data is still encrypted and private following our standard data protection practices.

Base AI augments, or supplements, your thinking — helping you save time or spend it more wisely. Outputs from Base AI should not be falsely represented. As such, do not use Base AI:

  • to mislead any person that output from Base AI was solely human generated

  • to generate spam or content for dissemination

  • to develop foundation models or other large scale models that compete with Base AI

  • in a manner that violates any applicable laws or technical documentation, usage guidelines, or legal parameters

We hope you leverage Base AI to augment your abilities in strategic calendar management, and get even more out of Base as a tool!

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