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How to add and view comments
How to add and view comments

Turn your 2.0 Digest into a means for two-way communication with your Exec

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Commenting allows viewers of 2.0 Digests to add comments on Digest elements, introducing the ability to communicate with your Exec on specific subjects. NOTE: this article does not cover how or why to build Digests. That information can be found here.

Here's how to:

Leave A Comment as a Digest Viewer

  1. Open the Digest by navigating to the link that was copied or shared via email or text. NOTE: Clicking the Commenting icon in the top right toggles the view of Digest Conversations.

2. Select the element on which you'd like to leave a comment. You'll notice the element will highlight yellow once selected.

3. Upon first selecting an element, you will be prompted to enter your name. This skippable step allows for clarity on who is leaving comments.

4. Add your comment.

NOTE: "@" mentioning an email address will send an email notification alerting to the comment and "@" mentioning the Base user's name will generate an alert within Base of a new comment.

View, manage, and leave comments from within Base

  1. Navigate to Digest Builder using the feature selector on the left side of the screen and open your Digest.

2. Open the Comment navigator by clicking the icon pictured below.

3. View, leave reactions, and add comments.

4. Resolve or Delete the Comment Conversation by clicking the Actions button shown below.

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