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Digest Builder Best Practices
Digest Builder Best Practices

Follow these best practices to create the best digests for your executive.

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Base’s Digest Builder gives you the ability to easily create executive updates that highlight upcoming meetings, travel plans, and important deadlines. 

Best Practices

Not in the habit of creating daily digests? Here are some best practices to get you started! 

Include a description. 

If your executive opens up a digest and just sees blocks of data and calendar information, she or he likely won't know what to do. Make sure to include an introduction (especially on your first several digests) that clearly articulates the purpose of the digest and calls out specific action items. 

Add a description by clicking Add a short description below the digest title.

Send digests on a daily basis. 

Sending digests on a daily basis gives you the opportunity to review upcoming meetings, ensure your executive is well prepared, and set reminders for yourself as needed. Furthermore, it serves as a status update for your daily work and is a more tangible expression of the many tasks you take on and accomplish. 

Put high priority items at the top. 

When creating a digest, remember to put high priority items at the top. High priority items could take the form of meeting conflicts, Decision Stream questions you need answered, travel changes, and more. 

Call out specific action items. 

If there is a section of your digest that requires your executive to take action, make sure to articulate that action. For instance, if you include a Decision Stream link, make sure that you ask your executive to follow the link and answer the questions. 

One easy way to do this is by adding a header above the action item. You can even change the header color for more emphasis!

Get feedback.

After your executive has received one or more digest, ask her/him what in the digest she/he found valuable. Make sure you both are on the same page regarding the information highlighted in each digest and how that information is formatted. 

Use consistent formatting. 

Once you've determined the formatting that your executive prefers, stay consistent! If your executive prefers you to mark coffee meetings with the tag [Coffee] at the beginning, do that every time. 

Check out the digest example below and get started today!

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