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Decision Stream Overview
Decision Stream Overview

Streamline communication between you and your executive to ensure key decisions are never missed, delayed, or forgotten

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Every day, there are a multitude of questions, updates, and reminders that executives need to address in order for you to do your job. The problem is that executives are busy people who don’t have a lot of time to sift through the questions they receive via email, text, and Slack on a daily basis.  

Decision Stream gives busy executives the ability to respond to numerous questions in seconds. By streamlining the way you and your executive communicate, Base ensures that key decisions and updates are never missed, delayed, or forgotten. For a detailed video demo of Decision Stream, click here.

How to Use Decision Stream

Step 1

Navigate to Decision Stream using the Feature Selection Menu. Create a new question using either option below.

  1. + Question - By clicking this button, a screen will appear that allows you to create your question, including response options, links and attachments. 

  2. + Quick Add - The Quick Add option allows you to quickly jot down your question without having to fully flesh out the details. You can come back to the question to edit response options, links, attachments, etc. Pressing Enter on your keyboard will automatically save the Quick Add question and create a new Quick Add question ready to be titled.

Step 2

In the pop-up window, add a title, description, and choose between a number of question formats: single-select, multi-select, open response, or yes/no/other. You can also allow open responses - which will give your Exec an "Other" option, prioritize the question, add attachments or links, and give the question a Tag. Click Save.

Step 3

Once questions have been created, they will appear in Decision Stream’s draft column. Select the questions in the order in which you want your executive to answer them and click “share” to generate a custom link. 

NOTE: The numbers that appear when selecting questions to share are the order in which they will appear to your Executive. To change the order, deselect questions and reselect them in the desired order.

Step 4

Share your questions with the executive by one of several delivery methods available, including: 

  • Copy the Link - The link can be sent via any number of communication tools, including Skype, Google Chat, Voxer, etc. 

  • Text the Link - The link will be delivered to your exec via SMS text. Decision Stream links will be sent from the same number every time.

  • Slack the Link - Once authorized, the Slack integration allows the Decision Stream link to be delivered directly to Slack as a DM or to a channel.

  • Add to Digest - Insert the Decision Stream link directly into a Digest using Digest Builder.

Decision Stream links can be sent immediately or scheduled for a later delivery. If you ever need to edit, or entirely remove, a scheduled send, view all Streams, select the stream you'd like to edit and cancel the scheduled send.

Step 5

When your executive clicks on the provided link, he/she will have the ability to make decisions in seconds, or skip questions that aren't able to be answered.

Once completed, your executive will see this message and have the option to return to skipped questions.

Step 6

Once sent to the executive, questions will appear in the “awaiting” column until they are answered. Skipped questions will remain marked as skipped in the awaiting column until answered or archived. Answered questions will be displayed directly within the associated column, and you will be notified by email in real time. 

NOTE: Questions in both the "Draft" and "Awaiting Response" column may be selected for sharing. Only questions in the "Answered" column may no longer be shared.

Step 7

Once answered, your questions can be turned into Tasks. Locate the answered question and click the ellipses on the upper right hand corner of the question and select "Create Task." A task will automatically be created and added to your Task list.

For more information on Tasks, click here.

Step 8

When you're ready to remove questions from the answered column, you can archive them. Select the questions you'd like to archive using the checkbox and click "Archive," or click the ellipses in the upper right hand corner of the question and select "Archive."

To view Archived questions, locate and click the "Archived" button to the right of "Active."

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