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Why should I send Digests?
Why should I send Digests?

Regular communication via digests are considered best practice, but why?

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Digests (also known as executive updates) provide an overview of you and your executive’s shared priorities. Whether a digest simply summarizes upcoming meetings or has detailed sections for questions, updates, and reminders, a well-written digest can have a major impact.

If you’re not regularly sending digests, here are a few reasons to reconsider:

  • It’s a chance for you to review upcoming meetings, make sure your executive is well prepared, and set reminders for yourself as needed.

  • It gives your executive a chance to fully review the week ahead, and realize any potential complications or necessary changes ahead of time.

  • It serves as a status update for your daily work and is a more tangible expression of the many tasks you take on and accomplish.

  • It encourages you to bundle your updates and questions into one succinct form of communication, rather than scattering them throughout the day.

  • It’s a great way for you to start or end your day or week – with a thorough review of what’s pending.

Creating daily or weekly email digests is a worthwhile effort – but copying and pasting information from your executive's calendar is tedious and time consuming. That's why Base offers Digest Builder, a tool that allows you to automate the creation of beautiful executive updates in minutes.

Check out the below examples and get started today with Base Digests

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