Digest Builder drastically reduces the time it takes to create and distribute executive updates. Like most EAs, you likely spend hours every week pulling together a report that details upcoming meetings, travel plans, and important deadlines for the executive you support. Base’s Digest Builder creates beautiful executive updates in minutes, giving you time back in your day to focus on more strategic work.

How To Use Digest Builder

Step 1

Log into Base and navigate to Communicate

Step 2

In the builder, add your Digest's subject line, title, and short description.

Step 3

Use the calendar tool on the righthand side to add meeting dates and details. 

Step 4

Click into the meeting to select which details to include in the Digest. If you would like to consistently include specific details in your Digests, make sure to update your Digest Preferences

Step 5

Click on the plus (+) button to add additional text, images, and more. 

Step 6

Once your Digest is built, select Preview & Send to preview your Digest, schedule the send, and select the recipient(s). 

Digests can be sent or scheduled via email, SMS or Slack. You can also copy the link to share in another communication tool.

If you need to make changes to a scheduled send in the future, locate the digest and View Schedule details.

Step 7

That's it! To simplify the process even further, make sure to update your Digest Preferences

Need some inspiration? Check out how Base customer, BELAY, is using Digest Builder!

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