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Scheduler by Base - Zoom Integration
Scheduler by Base - Zoom Integration

How to install and use Zoom with Base

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We're excited to offer a direct integration with Zoom which allows for the quick creation of zoom meetings directly from within Base. Below outlines Installation, Usage, Uninstallation and FAQs for the Scheduler by Base Zoom app.


  1. To install the Scheduler by Base Zoom app, navigate to Workspace Settings > Scheduler and scroll down to Conferencing.

  2. Click "Authorize Zoom account"

  3. A new window will pop up (*if you don't see this new window, make sure pop-ups are allowed*), and if you are already logged in to, it will show a success screen confirming you've connected successfully!

    1. If you are not logged in to, it will prompt you to login to the appropriate account, review the access scopes we are requesting, and grant access. Once you confirm you will then see the success screen

  4. Congrats! You are now connected!

    1. If you have any email accounts that you have "Schedule meetings on behalf of" (also known as delegated meeting creation access to) you can select from the list which email you want to primarily schedule meetings on behalf of when scheduling. You can always adjust this on a meeting-by-meeting basis when scheduling.

Installation example


To create a new Zoom meeting, navigate to Scheduler and start the meeting creation process by clicking + New, or dragging on the calendar and clicking "More options" to enter the full scheduling modal.

Once in the scheduling modal, scroll down and click "Add Zoom Conferencing" and then click "Zoom". If you only have access to schedule for yourself that's it! If you have delegated access, you can select the email you want to schedule this meeting on behalf of. When you click Save on the event, it will create and add a valid Zoom meeting with your default preferences defined in

Creating a zoom meeting


To uninstall the Zoom integration, navigate to Zoom's App Marketplace, locate "Scheduler by Base" and click the Uninstall button. This will uninstall the application and revoke access.


How do I see my Schedule on behalf of list of emails?

  • After authorizing your account you can click the dropdown list to see which users you have access to schedule for. If you have recently been added to a new account, or you are not seeing what you expect, click the "Click to refresh" link to refresh the list of authorized users.

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