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Propose Time: An Overview
Propose Time: An Overview

Propose time slots to others and gather guests' preferences to book the best, most convenient time in minutes.

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This feature is available in all Base plans.

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Create a time proposal

Navigate to Scheduler. Click New in the upper left, then select Propose Time.

Name your time proposal.

Adjust the Availability Settings for the proposed event. This includes the event duration and how often you'd like each time slot to start. (You can also do this after creating time slots in the calendar.)

Create time slots in the calendar.


  1. Click and drag to select a range of time slots at once.

  2. To remove a time slot, click the X in the block.

In the Time Slots sidebar, you can mark any slots as preferred times, or delete specific slots. Hover a time slot, then select Preferred or Delete.

Save your time proposal. This will close the time proposal. You can return to edit it as many times as needed (even when it's been shared).

To edit a previously saved time proposal, locate and click any time slot in the calendar. In the modal, select Edit to quickly jump into creating or editing your available time slots.

Share a time proposal

When you're ready to share a proposal, locate it in the calendar or from the list view, then click Share.

Select your sharing method: Copy Text, Copy Link, or Email.

Tips for sharing by email:

• Set a name for the person who is proposing times. This can be the event organizer, or whoever you'd like to indicate as the person sharing proposed times for the event.

• Add email recipients. Hot tip: you can add guests to your time proposal while editing the event details. By doing so, you can toggle Insert event invitees as email recipients to automatically add guest emails.

• Add an optional note to include personal details or context.

• Set a time zone for the times displayed in the email.

• Use the Schedule for Later option to send the email at a scheduled time.

When the time proposal is shared, recipients will navigate to an event page, where they vote on existing time slots or suggest new ones.

Review votes on a time proposal

When guests are voting, the time proposal indicates how many responses you have received. To locate this information, click any time slot to view the modal, then click Final time. Alternatively, load the time proposal and view the Responses tab. (You'll also receive an email and push notification with each new response.)


• Use the List dropdown to filter the listed time slots.

• Hover the time slots in the calendar to see vote details.

Finalize a time proposal into an event

When all recipients have voted, or the necessary responses are received, finalize your time proposal into a scheduled event.

Click any time slot to view the modal, then click Final time. Alternatively, load the time proposal and view the Responses tab.

Select the desired time slot in the calendar, or in the Time Slots sidebar. Once the time slot is selected, the Share button turns into Finalize. Click Finalize.

In the event modal, add or edit the necessary event details. Anyone who responded to your time proposal is automatically added as guests.

Click Save to finish scheduling the event. If you close or exit the event modal without saving, your time proposal is kept as is until you are ready to finalize.

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