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How to use Analyze for calendar analysis
How to use Analyze for calendar analysis

Analyze puts calendar data at your finger tips with high level metrics and event / people / term breakdowns

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Knowledge is power, and that is especially true when it comes to understanding how your exec is spending his or her time, and how that aligns to his or her goals. Gain insight into your exec's time with Analyze.

Calendar Report Set Up

Set Date Range

Whether you're looking at the past or future, select a start and end date that you'd like to analyze. Note: By default, Base will show you a 30 day timeframe.

Select Calendar(s)

Base will show you calendars connected to that workspace. Analyze separately or together.

Time Zone

Select the timezone in which the calendar events are taking place. This is specifically helpful when it comes to the heat map.

Note: Click refresh in order to reflect changes made to date range, calendars or timezone.

Calendar Report

Headline Metrics

Gain insight into high level metrics about how time is spent (# of meetings, hours in meetings, meeting length, etc).

Time Breakdown

See a breakdown of scheduled vs unscheduled time. Note: If you schedule "unscheduled" time on the calendar, that time will appear as scheduled in this breakdown. For example, if you schedule work blocks or "DNS" blocks, they will been seen as a meeting.

Event Breakdown

View time spent in various categories

  • Internal vs External

  • Number of attendees

  • Meeting length

  • Recurring vs non recurring

Hourly Heatmap

See where the bulk of the meetings occur. This is especially helpful if you exec prefers to leave mornings unscheduled or a particular day of the week for deep thinking work, for example.

Top Event Terms

Bubble up coming event terms and view how much time is spent in those types of meetings. Click See All to view all terms. Download to CSV for further manipulation. Pro Tip: Using specific and consistent naming conventions will help you gain more insight.

Top People

Understand how much time is spent with various people and if there is an opportunity to streamline meetings. Click See All to view all terms. Download to CSV for further manipulation.

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