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How to create a Task
How to create a Task

Manage your to dos within Base with the build in Task Manager

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Assistants have so many things they have to do each day, week, month. Not only that, but they are often coming from a million directions. Streamline all of your to do items with Base. Whether they come from an Inbox item or you create them from scratch, you've found your one stop shop.

Step 1 - Create the Task

There are two options for creating a Task - Quick Add or + New Task. Quick Add is great for getting thoughts / tasks out of your head so they don't get lost. It allows you to add the task without thinking through all of the details right out the gate. The + New Task button allows you to add the Task with all of the details and specifics you'd like to include.

Note: It's also possible to create a Task from a Decision Stream answer or an Inbox item.

Step 2 - Add title

The title is what will be visible from the Open Tasks screen. It's also what can be searched from the search bar.

Step 3 - Add a description (optional)

The description allows you to include additional information and context that is pertinent to the task but doesn't make sense to include in the title.

Step 4 - Select a due date

From the main task screen, you can filter and sort by Due Date. Due Date allows drives the smart folders on the left hand side of the screen (Today, This Week, Upcoming). Note: Upcoming means in the next month.

Step 5 - Add a Tag

Tags are great for grouping like tasks together. Perhaps you want to handle all Scheduling at one time, or research for a specific trip / project. Use tags to group all like tasks together. You can filter the task screen by tags.

Pro Tip: If you're managing tasks for your exec, tag tasks they need to complete with their name so the tasks can easily be pulled into a Digest (by searching for the tag).

Step 6 - Add sub tasks

If the main task is a large one, there may be additional things that have to be done before the task is considered complete. Add sub tasks to the main task.

Pro Tip: Sub tasks can have individual due dates as well. Use the ellipses to add individual sub tasks. You can also drag and drop sub tasks in a particular order.

Step 7 - Add questions that need to be answered

Perhaps there is something you need to do, but you don't yet have all the information you need in order to complete the task. Add questions to the task. The questions will automatically be pushed to Decision Stream, and the link between the task and Decision Stream question will forever exist.

Note: Press Enter on your keyboard to save your question.

Step 8 - Add an attachment

Add any documentation associated with the task in the Attachments section. Perhaps you are planning a trip. You can attach confirmation emails / screens so that they are handy come expense time. Or maybe you're attaching a budget, a slide deck, etc.

Step 9 - Set priority (optional)

Indicate high priority items with the priority flag. Flag options include Red, Yellow, Blue and None.

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