Assistants often have questions that need to be asked in order to remove blockers, but peppering those questions throughout the day often isn't the best experience for the assistant or the executive. Decision Stream allows you to create questions as they come up and bulk several questions together to be sent at a time and in a way that makes sense for your executive.

Step 1 - Create and Select Questions

Create your questions. Once your questions are created, select the questions in the order in which you'd like them to appear to the individual answering the questions.

Step 2 - Name the Group of Questions

To help you identify the stream or give you exec context, name the group of questions. Pro tip: If you plan to send via Digest, naming the stream will help you quickly identify which questions you wanted to include.

Step 3 - Share questions

At Base, we believe in meeting your executive where they are already working and at a time that makes sense for them (and you.) Once your questions are selected, you can share questions in a variety of ways.

  • Copy Link - Copy the link to share via WhatsApp, Voxer, Google Chat, etc.

  • Text Link - The text will come from a dedicated phone number in the same way you'd receive a reminder about a doctor's appointment. You can also include a message to be sent with the link. Pro Tip: Program this number (203-674-9555) in your exec's phone so they know it's a Decision Stream or Digest from you. Note: Texts can be scheduled for a later date / time as needed.

  • Slack Link - Send the Decision Stream via Slack. You can also include a message to be sent along with the link. Note: Slack messages can be scheduled for a later date / time as needed.

  • Add to Digest - If you plan to include the stream of questions in a digest, navigate to Digest Builder from this tab.

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