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How to manage (edit / share / duplicate / delete) Digest Templates
How to manage (edit / share / duplicate / delete) Digest Templates

Once a Digest Template is created, not only can you leverage it to create digests faster, you can also share, edit, duplicate and more.

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We already know how valuable a well written and organized digest can be. What if you could make them even more efficient and effective for you and your executive? Well you can with templates! If you haven't created a template before, start here.

Once your template is created, there may be times that you need to edit, share, duplicate, delete, etc. Read on for more information.

  1. Start in the Template Center. You can navigate to the Template Center by clicking the + New Digest button, Create from Template OR by opening Digest History, then clicking Templates.

  2. Once in the Template Center, locate the template you'd like to manage. Note: You can only manage templates you created. You can find those on the All or Created by Me tab.

  3. Click the three ellipses on the template to choose your action. You can duplicate, edit, delete or share / unshare with your account. Note: If the template is private, you will see an icon of an eyeball with a slash through it. If the template has been shared, the icon will not be visible.

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