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How to manage items in your Base Inbox
How to manage items in your Base Inbox

Move imported items from Inbox to the Workspace of your choice.

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Base Inbox is a tool used to eliminate context switching, help set healthy boundaries, and import information into Base. If you'd like more general information about Base Inbox, click here. This article will specifically outline how to assign an item in your Base Inbox to a Workspace.

It's important to note that Inbox is the only Base feature that is not Workspace specific. This means each user has a unique Base Inbox, allowing users with multiple Workspaces to have a centralized Inbox from which imported items can be moved, or "assigned" to different Workspaces.

  1. Follow the steps outlined in this article to import an item from either Slack or email.

  2. Once the item has been imported, click on the item to open it. Note: If there are multiple items that should be moved to the same final destination (same workspace as a task, same workspace as a contact, etc), mark the checkboxes to the left of the items, then click Move Items.

  3. Below the title of the imported item, Workspace avatars appear. Select the avatar that corresponds with the desired Workspace.

  4. Then, select what you would like to do with the item. Note you can create a new Task, Dossier Custom Note, Dossier Contact, or Decision Stream Question; or the item can be added to an existing Task, Dossier Custom Note, or Dossier Contact.

Note: If you want to delete items in your Base Inbox, select the checkboxes, then click the three ellipses to the right of the Move Items button. To delete a single item, click the three ellipses to the right of the item itself, then click Delete Item.

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