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How to Sort & Filter Tasks
How to Sort & Filter Tasks

Use the filter function to sort Tasks based on Tag and Due Date, and sort Tasks based on Due Date, Name, and Priority.

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If you have a lot of open tasks, it could be difficult to know where to start. With both the filter & sort function we are able to sort Tasks based on Tag, Due Date, or Priority to simplify our To-Do's. Here's how:

To Filter using Tags & Due Date

  1. Open Base and navigate to Tasks.

  2. Select a Task that is open, or create a new Task.

  3. When the new task window opens, locate the Tag icon.

4. Select a pre-existing Tag, or add a custom Tag of your choice.

5. Close the Task window and return to your Open Tasks list.

6. Locate and select the filter icon towards the top of the page.

7. Select either the Tag or Due Date by which you'd like to filter, and click Apply.

8. Select "Clear Filter" to remove the filter and view all Open Tasks.

To sort Tasks using Due Date & Priority

  1. Open Base and navigate to Tasks.

  2. Locate and click Task Name, Due Date, or Priority at the top of the columns. Clicking multiple times will cycle the order in which to sort (Ascending vs. Descending)

EXTRA: Tasks are also capable of being clicked and dragged to manually reorder.

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