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How to schedule (and unschedule) sends in Base
How to schedule (and unschedule) sends in Base

Scheduled Sends - Digests & Decision Stream

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Have a Digest or Decision Stream prepared, but timing doesn't make sense to click send right now? Have an exec who likes to receive information from you hours before you've had coffee? Or maybe you just have a conflict at the time you'd ideally send something? No problem! 

Digests and Decision Streams via email, SMS text and Slack can all be scheduled to deliver at a later date or time. In both cases, initiate the send in the normal fashion (Preview & Send for Digests, Share for Decision Stream), then toggle from Send Now to Schedule for Later.

So you've scheduled your Digest and / or Decision Stream to send at just the right now, then something changes. What now? Not a problem. If you simply need to make a quick change, you can edit the existing Digest or Decision Stream questions. The previously scheduled send will reflect those updates.

If the change is more involved and may take some time, or you've decided not to send at all, you can unschedule the Digest or Decision Stream question all together. 

To unschedule a Digest, click on the button with the three horizontal lines on the left hand side of the screen, then locate the appropriate digest and click on the ellipses. The option to Unschedule will appear. 

To unschedule a Decision Stream, click on the > Streams button, locate the appropriate stream and click on the ellipses. The option to Unschedule will appear.

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