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Connecting a Corporate Account

How to add an Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange account and delegate calendar

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Base supports Office 365 and Exchange Corporate type email accounts, however the setup flow is slightly different due to higher levels of access required. To make onboarding as seamless as possible, we due personalized onboarding with customers setting up for the first time with these account types. Below are the steps which occur.

After clicking the Corporate Signup link, authenticate with either your Office 365 or Exchange account. In rare occasions your IT policy may require an IT Admin to complete an approval authorization prior to you completing setup. If you see a screen which says, "Admin Approval Required - Please request an IT Admin to authorize this application" during the Microsoft login process, have your IT Admin complete this authorization while logged in with their account. Once that is completed you should be able to complete the signup process.

After you have authenticated and gotten to the Welcome to Base screen, you have now authenticated with your account and will have access to all calendars which you have personally created.

In most cases EAs also need access to calendars which they have been granted delegated access to on behalf of the Executives that they support. Due to security policies, we cannot auto-discover and grant access to those calendars, so to add them you must click the "Add additional" under the My Accounts Screen in your User Settings. You will now see a box under the Corporate Sign in button which will allow you to enter an email to request delegated calendar access. Enter the Executives email and click "Save". 

You may now exit this screen and return to the Settings->Connected Calendars where you should see all calendars listed for the delegated user you have added. If you do not see them yet wait a minute or two and refresh. It can take up to 3min for the process of pulling all of the calendars to be completed. After you have checked the calendars which you desire access to click "Save". You should now have access to events in that calendar in the Digest Builder and other areas of the Base application where calendar events are shown.

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