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Dossier Overview
Dossier Overview

Store all of the critical information tied to the executive you support in one central location

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Dossier allows you to store all of the critical information tied to the executive you support in one central location. In seconds, access his or her preferences, habits, travel data, key contacts, software, and more. Ensure continuity by securely sharing key information with others. While the information stored might be second nature to you, it might not be for an EA who fills in when you're out. By storing information within Dossier, all users with the ability to see that Workspace will have access to that information. We've also found that using Dossier as a "getting to know you" agenda allows for immediate alignment on important nuances of your Executive.

Inputting Data

Step 1

Navigate to Dossier from the Feature Navigation menu. 

Step 2

Locate and select the appropriate category to store useful Executive information.

Dossier Categories

Dossier has six default categories to store information. To add information to each category, select that category, and in some cases, the appropriate sub-category.

Listed below are common items with some helpful information:

  • Personal

    • Store vital information such as contact, biographical, etc

    • Notification Preferences indicate how your exec likes to be communicated with and what types of digests they receive

  • Scheduling

    • A helpful place to store all out of office dates in one place

    • Saving event naming conventions for consistency, which also you get more from Analyze

  • Travel

    • Store all personal travel information of your Exec

      • Frequent Flyer numbers, preferred airports, and much more

    • Store generic hotel chains or links to specific hotels

  • Contacts

    • Key people in your exec's life - spouse, children, partners, leadership, networking contacts, etc.

      • Save contextual information about all contacts

      • Link business cards, images, or any helpful files

Trying to keep track of data that doesn't fall into one of the default categories? Create a custom note, just remember to add a tag to the note for sorting purposes. 

Note: Common Custom Notes include common lunch orders, favorite travel cities, and more!

Step 3

If you support more than one executive, that's no problem, Dossier is specific to your individual Workspaces. Switch Workspaces to view your various Dossiers by clicking your Workspace Avatars.

Accessing & Sharing Data

Step 1

When accessing information stored in Dossier, use Base's easy copy feature at the right of each field. 

Step 2

Are you going on vacation or transitioning your executive to a new EA? You can invite multiple EAs to access a specific Workspace and Dossier, making the handoff as seamless as possible! Further instructions can be found here

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