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How do I make sure my email digests reach my executive?
How do I make sure my email digests reach my executive?

How to make sure your Digest doesn't go to spam

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Due to the proliferation of spam, most email providers have tightened security on incoming emails. To avoid being labeled as "spam," Base Digest emails are sent from [email protected]. The the "Reply to" option will be your email address; any replies to a digest email will be sent directly your email account.

This method allows your digest emails to have a lower likelihood of being blocked by DMARC, while still making sure that replies get back to you. Note that since the messages are coming from a "noreply" email address, your executive's email client may mark them as spam or move them to a "promotions" folder. 

To avoid this, have your executive add [email protected] to their Contacts (Gmail) or Safe Sender List (Outlook).

Here's a quick video on how to add this email address to Contacts in Gmail:

How to add the email to Safe Senders List in Outlook:

If you've already taken these steps, and your executive continues to have issues receiving Digest emails, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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