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Use Google or Microsoft accounts with Base

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Base connects with Google accounts (Workspace and or Microsoft accounts (Office 365 and Based on your connected accounts, you can choose which calendars to use within each Base workspace.

Authorize an account in User Settings

1. Click your name in the upper right, then select User Settings.

2. Click the tab labeled Connected Accounts. Under My Accounts, click + Add account.

3. Select the type of account you have, then follow the prompts to authorize your account.  

Select calendars to use in each Base workspace

1. Click your name in the upper right, then select Workspace Settings.

Note: If you are already in User Settings, simply select a workspace in the left sidebar to see its settings.

2. Click the tab labeled Calendars.

Any connected accounts are displayed here with their associated calendars. Note you can always add more accounts by clicking + Add account from this page.

3. Select one or more calendars to use in the selected workspace.

Not seeing all of your calendars? Try clicking Refresh List to capture the latest updates. You may also need to disconnect and reconnect your account.

4. Repeat the steps above for each workspace you have in Base.

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