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Defining Workspace Settings
Defining Workspace Settings

Each workspace has settings that will determine how that workspace functions and allow you to work more efficiently.

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Each workspace has settings that will help you get the most of our Base, and those settings may differ for each executive you support. Navigate to Workspace Settings by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner, then select Workspace Settings from the menu.


On the General tab, define Workspace details, like the Workspace Name, Executive's Name and Executive's email. This will make sending Digests via email more efficient, as Base will use this email address by default. Note: Nothing will be sent to your executive's email when you define this field. Click Save once the information has been defined.


On this tab, you will see a list of users who currently have access to this workspace. It is not a requirement to share a workspace, but it is an option if that make sense for support. To add additional users to the workspace, click the Add User button. You will see a list of current users on that account that can be invited to the workspace. Select the users and click Send Invite.


This tab controls what calendars you see (on the Home page, in Digest Builder, in Analyze and Scheduler) in this particular workspace. Mark the calendars from the list (or connect additional accounts as needed.)


  • Calendar View - Choose how you want the calendar to display by default. Options include day, 3 days, week, 2 weeks, month. Use the toggle to display (or not) weekends in the calendar view.

  • Conferencing - Add a custom conference link or phone number.

  • Timezones - Set primary and secondary timezones to display in Scheduler. Additional timezones can be added below. Use the arrows to move timezones up and down in the list.


  • Sharing - Define your exec's email, which is used as a default setting when you send Digests via email. You can add additional email addresses or override the default when sending a Digest. Additionally, define the email address for Workspace Replies and Notification Emails. This is likely your email address.

  • Event Blocks - Choose the timezone in which events should be displayed, as well as options for showing start time and end time on the digest.

  • Date - Choose how you want event dates to be displayed, as well as how you want Base to handle dates with single events and multiple events.

  • Event Details - Choose which event details you want displayed by default on a Digest. You can always add or remove on the fly. This sets the default settings.

  • Advanced Formatting - When adding events with descriptions, this settings allows those to be hidden in a collapsible section.

Decision Stream

Set your default response type for Decision Stream questions. This will likely be the option you use most frequently. You can override this setting in Decision Stream. This simple sets the default option.


Workspace Replies and Notification email, as well as Executive email, will default in if you've already set it on the Digest tab. Set Executive Phone Number and Slack Channel for ease of use in Digest Builder and Decision Stream. Note: Nothing will be sent to the executive as a result of defining this setting.

Slack Integration:

If you are a Slack user, you can authorize a Slack workspace and define the channel that you most often send to for this workspace. This will allow you to send Digests or Decision Streams directly to Slack without copying and pasting, additionally with the Pro plan you can Schedule Ahead your send.

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