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Push messages from email or external apps to your Base Inbox

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Do you get messages with details, requests, or questions in multiple places, multiple times each day? Base Inbox helps you keep track of everything without the need for frequent context-switching or manual copy/paste.

With Inbox, you can seamlessly push messages from email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams (coming soon!) into Base, to read, organize, and follow up on your own time.

In this article:

Push emails to Inbox

Using an email alias provided by Base, you can send email from any account to Inbox.

Locate your email alias in Base

In User Settings, select the Inbox tab, then copy the email alias to use anywhere. Custom aliases are not yet available.


  • Save the email alias in your contacts as "Base Inbox". This way, you can quickly send or forward future emails by typing "Base Inbox" as the recipient.

Push Slack messages to Inbox

Using Slack's "Add to saved items" functionality, you can push messages from any Slack channel or direct message to Inbox.

Start the Slack integration

In User Settings, select the Inbox tab, then click Authorize to give Base access to your desired Slack workspace. Upon successful authorization, the Slack workspace name appears in Base.

Use the Slack bookmark

Locate your desired Slack message, then select the bookmark icon for "Add to saved items".

The message is immediately pushed to Inbox.

Stop the Slack integration

In User Settings, select the Inbox tab, then click Revoke to revoke access to the connected Slack workspace.

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