Dossier allows you to store all of the critical information tied to the executive you support in one central location. In seconds, access his or her preferences, habits, travel data, key contacts, software, and more. Ensure continuity by securely sharing key information with others. 

Inputting Data

Step 1

Log into Base and select Dossier from the top menu. 

Step 2

Navigate to Dossier's different sections to input your executive's information. 

Step 3

Trying to keep track of data that doesn't fall into one of the standard categories? Save outlying information in Custom. Just remember to tag the data for sorting purposes. 

Step 4

If you support more than one executive, that's no problem. As with all Base features, each Dossier is specific to your individual Workspaces. Navigate to each Workspace to view your various Dossiers.

Accessing & Sharing Data

Step 1

When accessing information stored in Dossier, use Base's easy copy feature at the right of each field. 

Step 2

Are you going on vacation or transitioning your executive to a new EA? You can invite multiple EAs to access a specific Workspace and Dossier, making the handoff as seamless as possible! Further instructions can be found here

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