To help save you valuable time, Base offers Digest Preferences. Instead of formatting each new Digest you create, you can now set preferences for how Digests are formatted within each workspace. You can choose to always show event locations, display calendar colors, include the time and date on individual events, and so much more! 

Your Digest Preferences are tied to each individual Workspace, meaning that you can format your Digests for each executive you support. 

Time Zone Settings

You can select which time zone you would like to view your Digest and calendar sidebar in, within each workspace. We know that converting the time zone when your executive is in a different location is tedious and confusing. Base's time zone preference makes things a little easier and can be changed at any time in case of travel or relocation.

Customizable Event Display

Everyone has their own way of formatting calendar holds, and for executives, consistency is important! When building a Digest, Base offers the ability to edit every field in a calendar event. Title, Date, Time, Description—these are all customizable so that you can make your Digest look exactly the way you want.

What if you want to add a tentative event to your Digest that doesn’t yet exist on your executive’s calendar? We’ve got you covered! Simply add a custom event at any point in the Digest. Just click the + button and select Event Block when creating a Digest.

Include Attendees and Attachments

Depending on the needs of the executive you support, you can choose to include a list of meeting attendees and meeting attachments in your Digests. Set your preferences for each workspace to include these fields, or add them individually to any event. Note: The list will include the attendee's first and last name if it is identified in the original calendar event; otherwise, the invited email address will appear.

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